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Ghost Manipulation

The Image Manipulation effect service is considered the best way to present your apparel products because it improves the product images. So the sellers can make a profit than they did with the models. To make the apparel product photos impressive by using models and making them pose in stylish ways is an ancient strategy of marketers. But the rates and the maintenance fee of the models can touch the sky most of the time. So Image Manipulation services can be the perfect alternative to model photography.




Ghost Manipulation Service - Ghost Mannequin II Neck Joint II Object Remove

Image manipulation is the method to edit an image with the aim of creates illusion or deception in an image. Photo manipulation can be done through analog and digital method. Photo manipulation helps to enhance and improve the quality of an ordinary photo to an extraordinary photo. Use of cultural impact and ethical concerns has made photograph manipulation as an interesting application rather than the technical procedure and the skills involved. Photograph manipulation is an art where output image improves the original image. One can use this to extract the bad composing elements, add more interest, and add color to a black and white image. Photograph manipulation can be used to create promotional shots for businesses. Photoshop Image Manipulation service has a tremendous importance in product photography, glamour/fashion house, e-commerce shop & online store, Magazine and Newspaper layout design, advertisement agency and other brand promotion or corporate identity.

Well-Versed Combination Of Imaginative Power And Graphic Design Techniques
Alter The Original Content That Is Challenging To Shoot With Pragmatic Photography
Demands For Expert Hands With Sound Knowledge
Elevates Product Promotion For E-Commerce Business

Ghost Mannequin II Neck Joint II Object Remove is needed for online & Ecommerce Retailers

It has been very viable currently to advertise products online whether via your own online shop/Ecommerce website or gigantic market like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Google Shopping, Poshmark, Bestseller, Alibaba Express, etc. Every retailer is revealing their products with its features and well photographed and edited photos of products. If you are thinking of pretty your product images to boost sales, you are in the exact place at the right time, Independent Clipping Path at this time to assist you and available at your service. For example, suppose if you send us images of t-shirts or others clothing (front & inside back/collar) wearing on a mannequin or human body where you wish to change background, remove the mannequin or any unnecessary objects and joint the neck part can be done through manipulation of images which we called ghost mannequin service. Your image will look like it is worn without keeping the mannequin or body part. Often times, images need to be resized and cropped to fit on your E-commerce websites (online stores). As we apply our art on the image, we come up with something seamless and unique.

Quality & Confidence leave in our expert editor’s team for Photo Manipulation Service getting a clear output

Independent Clipping Path (ICP) is essentially the most promising title for providing absolutely the photo manipulation services with high-quality skill ability and pleasant via all around the globe. In keeping with patron’s requisites the trained and talents team of Independent Clipping Path (ICP) without problems take the responsibility with the snapshot which is offered by way of the customers and make it adjusted or jointed the neck with the entrance phase snapshot with greater exactitude. Then the photograph seems to be a lot precise and tangible that the observers are not able to assessment it as manipulated or artificially created. We offer 100% accuracy in conformity with the assertion of their clients or purchasers on every photo which is assured by way of our experienced image editing team.

Symmetrical Ghost Mannequin
Symmetrical Ghost Mannequin

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Our Ghost Mannequin Service Is To Give You The Best Presentable View Of Any Apparel Product For Marketing.

We Use The Most Advanced Clipping Path Operation For Image Manipulation With Intimate Pixel-Based Selection.

You Will Witness The Most Amazing Photo Compositing Based On Your Theme And Enhanced Advancements Of Our Professionals.

Photoshop Blending That We Give You Is Remarkably Perfect All The Way. Also, You Can Ask Artificially Great Look As Well.

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Types of Creative Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is the most challenging editing process that requires skill, creativity, and imaginative power to create an abstract image. Since a picture can express thousands of words, the expert brings their imagination into reality through various photo manipulation processes. Here, we are revealing different photo manipulation services practiced globally.

Neck Joint Service

Neck joint service is the method of showcasing products just how it looks after wearing, without showing the model. It enhances the subject to focus more rather than the model. Online retailers use this service for their products like shirts, Trousers, Caps, Shoes, etc., reducing the model costs. Giving priority to customer satisfaction, ICP uniquely provides this service.

Ghost Mannequin Service
Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service is the process of visualizing the product in 2D or 3D look disappearing the mannequin. Small or large clothing brands, e-commerce businesses can benefit from this process, reducing model cost. The editor combines multiple images of a product to give a perfect view that demands dab hands. ICP is an expert to perform this service.

Sleeve Joint Service
Sleeve Joint Service

Sleeve Joint Service

Sleeves Mannequin Effect is used to finish the visual appearance, much as the other categories. And then there’s this one for the clothing’s sleeves. The entire garment shot with the mannequin, as well as the reverse of the sleeve without it, will be required. We’ll link the back section for sleeves, much like the other Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing. ICP professionally offers this service.

Advanced ghost mannequin service
ghost mannequin service

Advanced ghost mannequin

The advanced Clipping Path Service process enhances the subject by adding or removing objects. Architecture, e-commerce business, advertising agencies, etc, benefit from this service. The editor cuts the image using the pen tool, creates vector paths, smooth edges, and replaces into a new background. It is a lengthy process that demands extreme attention with excellent skill.

Photoshop Photo Compositing

Since a photo performs as a storyteller, simple editing isn’t enough to convey any story where photo compositing becomes functional. It combines multiple ideas from different image resources to produce a photo visualizing the message. It requires high skill with keen attention to make a natural look photo that is a cakewalk for the experts from Independent Clipping Path.

Bottom Joint Service
Bottom Joint Service

Bottom Joint Service

Photo collage is creating a single photo by merging multiple pictures for personal and business purposes. Companies can showcase multiple products in a single image or a single product with multiple images using a photo collage service. ICP occupy experts holding widened editing knowledge with a great sense of colors and layouts to create an outstanding photo collage.


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Handbags, clutches, and jewelry with tassels
Clothing with a fringed hem
Smashing Book Excerpt Bringing Personality Back Web

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Using Low Vision As My Tool To Help Me Teach WordPress

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How To Improve Your Design Process With Data-Based Personas

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